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More About Me

My Journey

I am a sophomore at Cornell University seeking to pursue a career in mechanical engineering and business. With an interest in engineering from an early age, I quickly gained interest in 3D printing when I first saw a 3D printer at my local public library. I started to regularly go to the library to print models for my household purposes I designed using 3D modeling knowledge I garnered from my school engineering classes. In my junior year (2020-2021), I finally convinced my parents to buy me a 3D printer.  

I have been always amazed by how far we have come: to a point where we have the capability to design and manufacture industrial parts from the comfort of our homes in just a few hours. Keeping in mind that not everyone have the luxury of possessing the knowledge of modeling and owning a 3D printer, I launched this business, A New Dimension, to bridge this gap and make this beautiful technology further accessible to everyone. 


Paul Girardin (New York)

5/5 stars - Requested a custom bracket for a project and he delivered in 2 days.  Delivery was fast with tracking to boot.  Would use again, and I did, for a second set of brackets and also 5/5.  Sending him a third project shortly. 


Jeff Scott (Pennsylvania)

5/5 Great communication, very reasonable pricing, fast turnaround time, product was well packaged. Would absolutely buy from him again.


Fredrik Karlsson (Sweden)

5 stars! Very good communication and 3D model came out looking perfect + fast shipping!

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